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Aldious (アルディアス)   SPINNING 初の邦楽アーティスト!


▲ライヴ・ツアー 2014 "デイズド・アンド・ディライト" 〜ライヴ・アット・クラブチッタ〜 (ダイジェスト動画)NEW!
ツアーのハイライトとなったCLUB CITTA'公演より激しい曲からバラードまでバッチリ収録!

【リリース情報】 オリコン週間7位を獲得!最新ライヴDVD好評発売中!


【メディア情報】 「CD&DLでーた3-4月号」にアルディアスの連載コラム掲載!

【グッズ情報】 新商品のマフラータオルを通販にて発売中!

【ファンクラブ情報】 ファンクラブ会報11号発行完了☆

▲バタフライ・エフェクト (ミュージック・ビデオ)
▲アザー・ワールド (ミュージック・ビデオ) ▲ディストリクト・ゼロ・ツアー 〜ライヴ・アット・渋谷O-EAST (ダイジェスト動画)
▲ドミネーター (ミュージック・ビデオ) ▲アイ・ドント・ライク・ミー (ミュージック・ビデオ)
▲ディープ (ミュージック・ビデオ) ▲スクラッシュ(ミュージック・ビデオ)

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ブログ http://ameblo.jp/yoshidious

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ブログ http://ameblo.jp/sawadious


Aldious is:
Re:NO - Vocals
Yoshi - Guitars
Toki - Guitars
Sawa - Bass

Originally started with Rami (Vo) and Yoshi (G) in Osaka, June 2008.  Their music was contained in the compilation album called “Red Hot Burning Hell Vol.16”.  Toki (G) joined the band in January 2009 and released their first independently produced EP “Dear Slave” which contains 4 songs in November.  This EP was well received and sold out in many metal music stores.  Aldious was officially formed when Sawa (B) who was playing in the band originally came back and also Aruto (Ds) joined the band in January 2010 and they founded a Girls Metal Label “Bright Star Records”.  In April they signed with Spinning as a first Japanese girls metal band for the label and released first single “Defended Desire” in July while they were becoming to be recognized through the Internet.  They got ranked in 4th in indie weekly ranking by Oricon Style and 49th in single record weekly ranking and 24th in daily ranking.  And in October, their first full album “Deep Exceed” was released and it won the first place in the indie album weekly ranking by Oricon Style.  It also got 15th place in weekly album ranking and 7th in daily ranking.  The following November and December they performed in live shows in Tokyo and Nagoya and tickets were sold out for both shows.  Later they held a one-man live show and ticket has been sold out as well. 
In January 2011, they appeared on two very popular TV show called "Sukkiri" (Nippon Television) and "MezaNew" (Fuji Television) and gained more and more fans. In April 2011, they released a second single "Mermaid" (16th in daily ranking, 20th in weekly ranking, 1st in indie weekly ranking all by Oricon Style) and went on a first one-man tour in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. Tickets were sold out for all the shows. The following October they appeared on another famous TV show called "Happy Music" (Nippon Television) and they released the second album "Determination" (ranked in 8th in daily ranking, 13th in weekly ranking, 2nd in indie weekly ranking). "Spirit Black" which was contained in that album was used for an ending theme for the show "Shimura Ken" (Fuji Television). In November to December they went on tour in 6 places in Japan including Shibuya O-East. In May 2012, they went on a tour again as an encore tour in Tokyo (Akasaka BLITZ), Nagoya (CLUB Diamond Hall), Osaka (BIGCAT) then released a DVD "Determination Tour 2011〜Live at Shibuya O-EAST〜" (got second place in music DVD weekly ranking, 6th in all DVD weekly ranking both by Oricon Style).
Although Rami decided to withdrew from the band in June, the band kept creating music while looking for a new vocalist. A new vocalist Re:NO joined the band in August and they released a new singe "White Crow" which got ranked in 19th in weekly ranking, 14th in daily ranking (3rd in indies weekly single ranking) all by Oricon. In November they went on tour with The Agonist as a supporting band and played in Tokyo (Shibuya O-East), Nagoya (Club Quattro), and Osaka (Osaka Big Cat). Also they went on their own tour starting from the end of November and played in 5 cities including Shibuya O-East Tokyo. They appear on the TV show "Happy music" again at the end of December. They are now recording their 3rd album!





東京都中央区日本橋本町1-9-4  Daiwa 日本橋本町ビル8F
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Wedge Holdings CO.,LTD. Spinning Division, Aldious
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Daiwa Nihonbashihoncho Bldg. 8F, 1-9-4
Nihonbashi hon-cho, Chuou-ku,
Tokyo 103-0023, JAPAN


・4thアルバム 『Dazed and Delight』
・3ndアルバム 『District Zero』
・2ndアルバム 『Determination』
・1stアルバム 『Deep Exceed』