Spinning is a Japanese label founded in August 2008, import and release mainly female featured bands from major/minor labels from both Japan and overseas. The label has experienced a great success with first release, Candice (Candice is now known as Candice Accola, playing in popular American drama “The Vampire Diary” as an actress).  

In August 2009, the label has established a new label Grizz-Rhythms and has been releasing even “heavier” metal bands with very talented and beautiful female vocalist.  The logo is designed by a popular illustrator Mori Chack, who is a creator of the world wide famous character Gloomy. 

Starting with Cori Yarckin, Grizz-Rhythms has made a huge success with releasing Domenica, Die Mannequin, Valentine, etc. With all these successes, the label has made its name widely known to Japanese music scene as the only international Girls Rock label and has become one of the representative labels of Japan.  At the same time it has started marketing of official goods featuring its logo, Gloomy, such as T-shirts, parkers, and guitars and all of them were extremely well received and sold out. 

In April 2010, established a Japanese Girls Metal label Bright Star Records as signing an all girls metal band Aldious.  It was a long-sought desire and also a big challenge to release a Japanese girls band. 

This single-sided record made a smash hit and won a first place in a weekly ranking by Oricon Style (the most famous music chart in Japan).   Later, the band placed 15th in weekly album sales ranking, and 7th in daily sales ranking.  Spinning inc. including Grizz-Rhythms and Bright Star Records has now come to be recognized as not only an International Girls Rock Label, but also as a successful Japanese Girls Metal Label. 

In addition, in May 2011, Spinning has established a new label named Reveltas and has released albums by In This Moment and The Agonist in 2012.

Bright Star Records has recorded and released an album by Cyntia, the second Japanese girls metal band, and made a smash hit as well. 

Spinning will continue releasing new Japanese female metal artists as well as international artists. We appreciate your support and continuous help.

≫Company Profile in Japanese

Corporate Name Wedge Holdings CO.,LTD. Spinning Division

Daiwa Nihonbashihoncho Bldg. 8F, 1-9-4
Nihonbashi hon-cho, Chuou-ku,
Tokyo 103-0023, JAPAN

Tel +81-3- 6225-2117
Fax +81-3- 3548-0566
Main Executives

Division Director: Ryo Sadamoto

Out Bank The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ,Ltd.
Business Connection

Village Again Association

Distribution Companies

Village Again Association co.,Ltd.
Tower Records Japan Inc.
Seikodo Co.,Ltd.
Japan Publications Trading co.,Ltd.
Culture Convenience Club Co.,Ltd.
Multi-Package Distribution Co.,Ltd.